Whats New at Brit Bits?


So, what’s growing at Brit Bits?

First a mission statement. I always wondered why companies create these, but now I’ve come to understand the need to define our purpose:

"Brit Bits will strive always to offer the best possible British car experience you can find anywhere; to provide excellent and honest service to the British car hobbyist in car sales, repair and restoration services and in locating and supplying British car repair parts; to cheerfully offer knowledgeable advice; and to enhance and promote the British car hobby through club sponsorships and event participation.”

In the car sales department, my goal is to offer classic British cars in a variety of price ranges as well as provide a venue through consignment sales to allow anyone to participate in the British car hobby. We also perform value and insurance appraisals.

In our service department we strive to provide the best service available anywhere. Our goal is not just to install repair and replacement parts but also to continually upgrade and improve your investment through our attention to detail and the quality of our service. To this end, we've increased our skilled staff of technicians.

Lead tech Casey Loring has many years of British car experience. He's been educated by the masters and is a talented fabricator and welder with terrific skills in many areas. Norman Michaels has countless years of experience through the hobbyist and British car club level. He's our supercharging and AC expert. Len Henderson, from his part-time involvement on his own restoration projects, now has highly regarded skills in the areas of interiors and British wiring. Arden McLean, as always, with skills beyond comparison, has probably forgotten more than I’ll ever know about British cars. Together we try to provide you with a service experience that is positive and focused on keeping your little British car reliable and dependable.

Our parts department is dedicated to providing the best parts at the best prices as quickly as we can. Ben French joined us this year and is in charge of our parts department. Ben has become a great asset and is speeding up the process of getting your parts to you. While we can't stock every part for every car, we will try and find what you need. In the world of parts, especially for cars no longer being constructed, that is a tall order. Sometimes the end result is less than perfect but you can be assured we’ve put a serious effort into that goal.

Most parts arrive at our facility freight-free and we pass that savings along to you. Brit Bits has a liberal return policy. We’ll generally take any part back for refund or credit for any reason as long as it's undamaged and unused. We've also been working towards better pricing from our suppliers and have had some success. In 2006 we will be able to offer club members a 12 percent discount off the regular catalog pricing. Spread the word and ask for the discount when you call or write. During suppliers' sales we will do our best to equal or beat their sales pricing.