Tech Advice

Tech Tips from John Twist,

EVAPORATIVE LOSS CONTROL - ELC - 77B: Fresh air enters the large black hose at the radiator diaphragm, travels through the anti run-on valve, through the charcoal ADsorption canister, into the restricted port on the valve cover, out of the engine from the front tappet inspection cover and into the breather on the carburetter. This system was in place from 1972 - 1980. It is a good system and nothing is gained by its removal. As the tube on the front tappet inspection cover is 1/2" and the brass tube on the carb between 5/16" and 3/8", I simply push a 18" length of 5/16 hose into an 8" piece of 1/2" hose with help from some silicone lubricant or some oil. Now it is easily connected!

CLUTCH HYDRAULICS: Rebuild the master and slave at the same time - always. If the slave is bad it leaks, if it leaks it's bad. If the slave does not leak, it's OK. If the master cylinder leaks, it's bad -- BUT, it need not leak externally to be faulty! Commonly, a faulty master cylinder is first noticed as the clutch re-engages even thought the pedal is on the floor. Rebuild the master cylinder in place. DO NOT hone the aluminium cylinder. Rebuild the slave cylinder after removing it from the bell housing -- it is fine to hone it a bit. Once THOROUGHLY CLEAN, reassemble with brake grease (Girling SP 1280?), and bleed. Bleeder out, use finger, for first five bleeds. Finger off, pedal down, finger on, pedal up, wait 20 SECONDS... then repeat. After five strokes, brake fluid will gush from the bleeder hole. Replace the bleeder (instead of the finger) and bleed several more times, quickly. All done.

TWIN SIX VOLT BATTERIES: The modern Group 26 Battery will fit into the passenger box on the MGAs and MGBs and offer MORE ENERGY than the twin sixes. Of the many items which truly are NEW and IMPROVED, batteries are among the top. So much more energy can be stored in the same volume than in the fifties. The twelve volt batteries use modern technology. The sixes are still built the "old way" and are not improved. I urge my customers to use the single twelve. Me? I run twin sixes, positive earth, with Lucas Helmet clamps -- I have no option -- I belong to the Positive Earth Club.


Tech Tips from Little British Car Company,

Need a Short Screw Driver?
This Issues Tech Tip Is From Bill Brewer.

I needed a short screw driver to get in to a tight place. My shortest "stubby" Phillips was still too long. I found that a hex shank screwdriver bit for an electric drill (about 1/2" long) fits in a 1/4" box wrench. This worked great, much better that the offset ratchet screwdrivers a had. I could also get a finger tip over the end of the screwdriver bit while in the wrench to keep it from falling out. Duct tape or electrical tape can hold it in if the bit keeps falling out. It worked for me.


09/30/12 Use Tube Instead of Speed Nuts
This Issues Tech Tip Is From Glenn Hedrich.

I own a 1956 MGA roadster, but I believe this tip would be applicable to many other British cars. Most of the chrome trim on my MGA is held to the various body panels by thin metal “pins” on the chrome part, that are pushed through punched holes in the sheet metal. The pins are usually secured by push on clips or “speed nuts.” These speed nuts grab the thin, fragile pins very tightly, and are extremely difficult to remove, once they are fully seated.

It is not uncommon to break many of the mounting pins, when trying to remove the press on speed nuts. When I install chrome trim, I discard the metal speed nuts, and use small diameter surgical tubing instead. Surgical tubing is available in many diameters, and I simply use short pieces of tubing that are a snug fit on the metal pins. Removal of the chrome trim then becomes very easy, and pin breakage is eliminated. The tubing can usually be pulled off easily, or can be cut off with a sharp xacto knife. Surgical tubing is available from medical supply houses, or at hobby shops, which sell this tubing as fuel line for model cars and aircraft.


07/29/12 MGB Master Cylinder Installation
This Issues Tech Tip Is From Gil DuPre.

When replacing the MGB master cylinders support box the two rear bolts that attach to the firewall from the inside are very difficult to align. I got a couple of 1.5 inch 1/4 24 studs and put in the support holes and it fit right in. Then I installed nuts washers and lock washers on the other end after aligning all the holes around the base of the box.