So, what’s growing at Brit Bits?

First a mission statement. I always wondered why companies create these, but I’ve come to understand the need to define our purpose:

"Brit Bits will strive always to offer the best possible British car experience you can find anywhere; to provide excellent and honest service to the British car hobbyist in car sales, repair and restoration services and in locating and supplying British car repair parts; to cheerfully offer knowledgeable advice; and to enhance and promote the British car hobby through club sponsorships and event participation.”

In the car sales department, my goal is to offer classic British cars in a variety of price ranges as well as provide a venue through consignment sales to allow anyone to participate in the British car hobby. We also perform value and insurance appraisals.

In our service department we strive to provide the best service available anywhere. Our goal is not just to install repair and replacement parts but also to continually upgrade and improve your investment through our attention to detail and the quality of our service. To this end, we've increased our skilled staff of technicians.

Sam Smith manages all areas of operations along with partner Norman Michaels. Both Sam and Norman have been automotive enthusiasts for many, many years, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experiences to the British car hobby.
Service Writer and Parts Manager Sheldon can enhance your British car experience, helping you with just the right part or accessory for your LBC or scheduling any type of service repair, restoration or project on your car.
Our Service Dept. technicians, Mark, Howard, Steve and Andy bring many talents together providing expert service to your LBC.  Phillip jumps in as needed as our technical engineer and consultant. All of us here are passionate about the hobby and are hands on in the shop. We have been caught on occasion sitting in a new vehicle making car sounds.
Our Parts Dept. can find that special part or put you in contact with the right source for that special project or hard to find item. We are distributors for all of the major parts suppliers in the US, offering discounted pricing and personal service for any request. Since 1998 we have developed a world wide network of parts suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors dedicated to the British car hobby.
In service, we perform all types of maintenance from a basic oil change to full engine, transmission and suspension rebuilds. We do restorations to any level, providing that special attention to detail. We subcontract bodywork & paintwork according to the level of excellence required and budget.

HOURS: Our business hours are Tuesday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays by appointment or by chance.
We strive to keep our services friendly, honest and professional. We’re a family owned business and we take pride in offering the best possible services and products to our customers.