Work in Progress

June 2022


The dash of the TD we're restoring.


We found these dangling speakers behind the dash of a TF that's getting a new wiring harness.

May 2022


Performance rebuilt engine and 5-speed Mazda tranny going in the MGA.


Modifying the MGA tranny mounts for the Mazda 5-speed


The Maxda 5-speed ready for installation in the MGA.


Setting the cam timing on an MGA engine.

April 2022


The happy owner drives his 1938 MG TA home after we finished its restoration. The car had been apart for more than 40 years and passed through three shops befor us.

Setting the camshaft timing on a rebuild of an MGA engine.


March 2022

TD wiring

Lots of wiring issues, from this TD dash to the Mini, below, a Spitfire and more.

Mini wiring


This TR 250 frame-off restoration is progressing nicely and the Spitfire, below, had its floor repaired to keep it on the road.

spit floor


February 2022



Phase two of the restoration of a 1950 MG TD. Body and paint are done and reassembly begins with installation of the wiring harness, fuel and brake lines.


We're also starting a salvage effort on this 1963 Humber Sceptre. Preliminarily it looks saveable but the carbs need rebuilding before we can try and start the engine.


A TR6 diff with seals replaced is ready to reinstall.



A leaky Mini heater core and its replacement in the heater box.


This lovely 100-6 needed brake and carburetor work. The triple Webers are a bear to set up.



January 2022

Brit Bits total restoration of this 1938 MG TA is complete. It hasn't been on the road since it was disasembled 40 years ago. It spent those years in three other shops that didn't do the work and it arrived here in parts, pieces and many boxes. One of our biggest problems was finding replacements for all the parts that were lost in that time.



Attempting to stop a fuel leak at the bowl plug with PVC is not the right answer.



We just love the look of this stainless steel exhaust on afine Austin Healey BJ8.





April 2019

Cars started coming in for routine service. We worked on a Morris, a TR3 and an MG TF this month, among others. We sent the 1938 MG TA to our body and paint shop and installed the powerplant in the 1967 MGB restoration. Today it's running around on its own power.









March 2019

We progressed on the 1967 MGB and 1938 MG TA It was fun to see the transformation from parts, pieces and boxes of parts into a TA. We and finished underside work on a lovely 1972 Jaguar XJ6. We rebushed the front and rear suspensions, revamped the front and rear brakes and installed a new stainless steel exhaust system















February 2019

A longtime customer buys a Morgan. We fix its brakes. Restoration of the 1938 MG TA continues; a 1967 MGB comes back from the body and paint shop with lots of new sheetmetal and we begin reassembling it.

1967 Morgan Plus 4





1938 MG TA





After sitting for 17 years, we found the ring gear was rusty and needed wire brushing to clean it.



1967 MGB before and after rust repair.






January 2019

A busy month. We cleaned and painted the frame of the 1938 MG TA, built a front wiring harness to replace one that caught fire under the hood of a Renault 2CV, continued restoration of a 1967 MGB, and more.

TA frame



The burnt wiring harness of the 2CV.


The new harness under construction.


With a repainted hood, the car is now complete.


1967 MGB interior and wiring work.

1967 MGB

1967 MGB



We did tuneup and maintenance work on this TR3 and the happy owner took it home.


Some final pics of the 1952 XK120 we restored to the owner's wishes of a works rally car.

jag 120


jag 120







December 2018

We received an early Christmas present, a 1938 MG TA in bits and pieces and many boxes and plastic tubs. We spent a week or more sorting and cataloging to see what we have and what is missing.

mg ta

mg ta

mg ta mg ta

mg ta mg ta


The body shop has made good progress on the 1966 MGB. New sills, floors, fenders and more are in.



November 2018

More assembly work on the 1962 MGB. We finished it and sent it home with its owner.




The 1956 TR3 also was completed and sent home.



The happy owner sent us this picture from his home.



October 2018

Among many projects we started reassembling the 1962 MGB.




We were able to work with the engine in place to put new rings in this MG Midget.



September 2018

We sold this early MGB GT to a Brit. Here it is in his garage, somewhere in England..



We started a restoration project on a 1966 MGB. It needs a lot of body work.




We continued work on the TR3. It got a whole new suspension system.



August 2018

The 1952 XK-120 restoration, complete.







This Sunbeam Alpine came in for an engine rebuild.




July 2018

The longtime owner of this 1962 MGB decided it was time to get rid of some rust and accumulated dents and dings.We stripped it down and sent it to the body shop.





Choosing the correct paint code.


June 2018


In process on a new clutch for this MGB.


We found the poor-running problem. One of the magnets that trigger this Petronix ignition moved out of place.


A Land Rover with legs. It also had a leaking differential seal.


A nice TD in for an annual maintenance check.


We're dismantling this MG TD engine from a parts car, hoping to reuse the crankshaft in a customer's car that suffered a broken crank.



May 2018

Lots of cars rolled in this month for service work to get them on the road. We made good progress on the TR3 restoration and got the next restoration project, a 1977 MGB, back from the paint shop.


1959 Elva Courier


1952 Austin A40

Land rover

Land Rover


1956 TR3 restoration progress.


1977 MGB with a fresh blue paint job.


April 2018

The XK120 restoration is getting close to road ready and a happy owner test drives his completely redone and supercharged 1962 MGB. Plus, the TR3 has returned from the paint shop.

1952 XK120





1962 MGB




1956 TR3


March 2018

A diverse collection of cars have been appearing in the shop for spring tune-ups and inspections to get them ready for the road. Here are a Volvo P1800, an Austin Healey, an MG TD and a Sunbeam Alpine.

volvo Healey

MGTD Sunbeam


Making progress on the TR3 restoration project. The heater core is ready for powder coating and the engine is getting rebuilt.




February 2018

More Jaguar work. A new exhaust for an E-type and the dash and five-speed tranny for the XK120 restoration.

jag exhaust

jag exhaust

Jag dash

Jag dash

Jag tranny

Jag tranny


January 2018

Lots of work on the XK120 we're restoring, to the front and rear ends, the fuel tank, the cooling system, wiring and more.







This Midget will be moving under its own power with a new clutch.


December 2017

A cute Metro with fuzzy dice needed a variety of routine maintenance.



A lovely E-type gets a shiny new exhaust system

Jag exhaust

Jag exhaust


November 2017


The owner of this 1953 MG TD wants to return it to its former glory, looking good and running good. We are making repairs to the electrical and brake systems, rechroming the bumper and grill surround, repainting the wheels and putting on new tires.


The Volvo P1800S is one of my favorite cars. We're saving this one by excising some rust in the underbody sheet meal and fabricating and installing patch panels.

patch patch


The 1962 MGB restoration job moves forward with the installation of the windshield, vent and side windows and door hardware.

October 2017




Leaking slave cylinders and axle seals had made a mess of rear brakes on this 1965 Land Rover. It cleaned up nicely.



interiorFinishing the interior of the Datsun 1600 restoration project.


September 2017

The finished 1952 XK120 chassis and engine is reunited with its body.









August 2017

floor insulation

The 1962 MGB we're restoring getting the full heat proptection and sound deadening treatment as well as a refinished crackle dash.

dash dash



The pistons WILL come out of this TR4 block. The rebuilt engine will go in a TR3 re are restoring.


July 2017

This extremely nice MGA got an extremely nice upgrade, a 5-speed transmission.

tranny tranny

A couple of cars we don't see too many of were in for service. The Daimler SP250 got a routine check over but the TR7 fitted with a TR8 engine had numerous wiring problems, including the pop-up headlight motors and dashboard lights and contols.

daimler sp 250





June 2017

We don't just do British cars exclusively. We're getting the Volvo P-1800 running properly and doing a light maintenance on the Citroen.



citroen citroen

The opposed two-cylinder engine in this 2CV makes 18 horsepower. Top speed is about 60 mph. The car was restored a few years ago and is in lovely shape.


engine engine

The rebuild of the engine for the 1952 XK120 we're restoring is complete and ready to install.


May 2017

We're progressing on the restoration of this1962 MGB. It's back from the paint shop, lights, bumpers, side moldings and more are on and the new wiring harness is in progress.

MGB restore

MGB restoration

MGB restoration

MGB restoration

April 2017

steering box steering box

A leaking Austin Healey 3000 steering box gets new seals.



A rare 1965 pull handle is getting some nice upgrades — a new carpet set and refinished dashboard.



March 2017

Jaguar XKE

We're bringing this Jag back to Life. The V-12 E-type has been off the road for 12 years and is suffering a case of very bad gas and gummed up fuel system.


Sunbeam engine

This Sunbeam 4-banger from an Alpine is here for a rebuild.


Healey exhaust

The big Healey will be safely back on the road and sounding great with new brakes and a sweet stainless steel exhaust.


February 2017

engine bay

Refreshing an MGB with new paint in the engine bay and a new overdrive tranny.

OD tranny


January 2017


New brakes and a shiny, new exhaust for this Austin Healey.

November 2016

The 1952 Jag 120 body now in striking silver paint and ready to drop on the frame.

jag body

Jag body

jag body


The engine of this gorgeous Austin Healey 100 BN1 failed. The owner had us rebuild it with custom pistons, rods, camshaft and a 1¾-inch carb upgrade for greater power and reliability.

AH front

AH interior


We're not exclusively British. We're dissasembling this Datsun 1600 roadster for a fresh paint job.



October 2016

A blown head gasket provided the opportunity for new valves, guides and seals for this MGB.

MGB head


This XJ 6 Series II blew a radiator hose, buried deep below the intake manifold.

XJ6 intake


September 2016

The rear end for the Jag XK 120 under restoration, rebuilt and installed. The front end gets a major shock and brake upgrade.

jag rear end

jag rear end

Jag front emd


austin healey

Installing the clutch and the engine back in the engine bay of an Austin Healey BJ8 we're restoring.


After repairs, the tranny on the bench is ready to go back in this 1951 MG TD.

TD tranny


August 2016


Installing the front suspension on the XK120.



MGC receiving a suspension bushing.


Carb and valve work on an MG TD.


July 2016

Humber front

The Humber Super Snipe we've been restoring is back from the upholstery shop with a new top and interior. Just a few things left to do now.

Humber top

Humber interior

Humber interior


June 2016


We're bringing this TF back to life. It's needed extensive brake, ignition and carburation work.



The frame for an XK-120 we're restoring is back from being powder coated.



With its rebuilt engine and a new five-speed gearbox installed, this MG Midget will be a strong cruiser.


May 2016


Installing a new U-joint.

wheel hub

Proper shimming of the MGB hub can reduce wheel shimmy and tire wear.


MGC brakes

This MGC had uneven braking. The problem turned out to be deterioration in the warning light switch/brake junction assembly.


April 2016

MGC brakes

MGB hub mgb u-joint

The MGC (top photo) is getting some repairs to its brake hydraulics. The MGB had looseness in its hubs and driveshaft. Proper shimming and new U-joints solved the problems


March 2016

Jag head

With new guides and seats installed, the cylinder head is back on the '66 Jag 3.8S.


MGC hubs

New brakes, hubs wheels and tires for this MGC.


Jag body

Jag body

Body work is underway on the '52 Jag XK 120.


MG V-8 engine

MG V-8 interior MG V-8 boot

The MGB V-8 project is near completion.


February 2016

The longterm restoration of this 1954 Austin Healey 100-4 BN1 to M specifications with many custom details is about finished. We're veryproud of body, paint, engine and suspension work that went into the job.

AH 100-4

AH 100-4


This 3.8 Jaguar engine showed leakage in every cylinder during a leakdown test so when we finished removing the cylinder head it was no surprise to find pitting and wear in every exhaust seat.

Jag head


January 2016

We're busy with two restoration projects in the shop this winter. We've been disassembling a 1952 Jaguar XK120. Here's the body:

jag body

the chassis:


and the engine:

jag engine

The other project is a restoration and V-8 conversion of a 1978 MGB.



December 2015


All the poorly spliced, misrouted, dangling and wrong wiring we removed from this nice Healey 100-4 while restoring the normal function and operation of the horns, turn signals, ignition and more.

spitfire floor

Out with the rusty old floor panels and in with new ones to save this Spitfire 1500.

jag 120 Jag 120

Dissasembly of this 1952 Jaguar 120 is the first step in its restoration.


November 2015

e type

This beauty is here for a new water pump and brake work.


Land rover rust

Some rear rust repairs, including the skid plate under the gas tank (shown), and new heater core will have this Defender back on the road.



This Spitfire is in the process of having rust and fiberglass filler removed and new floor pans installed.


October 2015


New bearings and axle seals will help this Sunbeam Alpine.



This Triumph GT6 is getting some service done and then we'll ship it to its new owner in France.


morris 1000

Front end work on the Morris Minor 1000 will help it go straight down the road.



I know if we just cross these two wires the light will work.



This Lotus 907 engine is getting a valve job and updated camshaft timing pulleys.



Mini Moke with a surrey on top. We're resolving many issues to get this gem back on he road.



May 2015

tr3 dash TR3 dash

tr3 engine tr3 tranny

The TR3 restoration now has its dash restored and the engine and tranny in place.


Land Rover wiring Land Rover wiring
We found several shorts and broken wires in the Land Rover Defender wiring. We taped, wrapped and protected the harness so it doesn't happen again, we hope.


A-H engine A-H engine

After dialing in the camshaft timing on this Austin Healey 3000 engine, it's ready for mounting and running on our engine test stand.


April 2015

Land ROver Land ROver

It's a two-Land-Rover day in the shop. The '94 Defender is having some wiring repaired and the '74 Series 3 needs a clutch.


All the rechromed parts are installed on the '53 Humber and it's about ready to go to the upholstery shop for a new top and interior.


TR 3

The engine bay of the 1953 TR3 restoration progress is ready for its powerplant...

TR3 TR 3

and the engine and tranny are mated and installed.


March 2015

bugeye front

The restoration of this 1959 Bugeye Sprite is complete. The owner drove it in high school when it belonged to his dad. Now he has high-school age kids who are eyeing it.

bugeye dash

bugeye engine

The rebuilt 1098 engine gives the car good performance.

bugeye rear


February 2015


The freshly painted Humber Super Snipe is getting its newly rechromed bits installed.



We're getting this 1974 Jensen-Healey back on the road. It came to us missing its radiator, water pump and other parts but it's almost all together now.


January 2015


Brian admires his welding repair of the suspension crossmember on this TR6. Note the missing floor he's cut out. It's getting replaced, too.


first drive

Sam and Mark take the first drive in this 1959 A-H 3000 since it was last on the road in 1984. It needed mechanical and electrical work from front to back and top to bottom but it runs strongly now.



We have a lot of engine work this winter. Pictured are a TR3 engine ready to be reinstalled, a GT6 engine ready to be run in on the engine stand and Austin Healey 3000, MGB and MGC engines in various stages of progress.



Now in primer, this special 1953 Humber Super Snipe was in Queen Elizabeth's fleet. It's getting a total body and interior restoration.


Novenber-December 2014

austin healey

This California Austin Healey 3000 was last registered in 1984. We're waking it up and partially restoring it. Here, we've totally redone the dashboard and the new wiring harness is ready to be connected to the switches and gauges.


land rover land rover

The rear frame of this 1992 Land Rover was rotted through. We cut it out and welded in a new frame section


triumph 3

We stripped down this one-owner 1959 TR3 before sending it to the sandblaster. It's getting new paint inside and out and a new interior befoe being passed down to the next generation.


September 2014

Bugeye SP 250

Jag MK. 1 Jag XJS

The Bugeye Sprite restoration is off the rotisserie and back on its wheels with front and rear suspensions now installed. The SP 250 was running poorly. With repairs to deteriorated igniton wiring and gummed up carbs, the V-8 is singing sweetly. The Jag Mark 1 is lovely inside and out but its been in storage for many years and came to us with no fuel or spark at the engine and non-operating clutch and brakes. The XJS is getting a new exhaust.

August 2014

Knife switch songer

A 1972 MGB came to the shop for us to get running. Among other issues under the hood, we found this electrical knife switch being used as a battery disconnect. The engine of this 1952 Singer is in the process of being removed for rebuilding.


June 2014

Mini TR4MGB Bugeye Sprite

A shopful of restorations. All these are recently back from body and paint work and currently being reassembled. The 1986 Mini and the 1964 TR4 are well along and we're making progress on the 1963 MGB. The Bugeye Sprite is a rotisseire job with a long road assembly ahead before it drives home.


March 2014


We're bringing back to roadworthy a 1960 TR3 that's been in storage since 1978. It was well stored and is in remarkably good shape. The 1978 TVR Taimar is getting its rear suspension rebuilt and its transmission repaired.


MGB Healey 100

Just back from the body shop with a sharp coat of red, we've got the engine and most of the rest of the underhood parts reinstalled on this 1963 MGB. You can see the bare body, partly in primer, a few photos down. The 1955 Austin-Healy 100-4 has also been off the road for a long time. It needed a lot of brake work and a new timing chain.



Restoration work continues on the Super Snipe. A lot of brake and suspension work is complete and the paint removed. It goes to the body shop this week.


January 2014


The owner brought his Aston-Martin DB-4 here to get it running. It's now purring with a new starter and exhaust manifold gaskets. The TR-4 is on the lift, ready to be disassembed for repainting.


We're restoring an MGB for its owner. So far its been stripped, had some body panels replaced and is ready to go to the paint shop. Work on the restoration of this MGB GT stopped a dozen years ago when a newly rebuilt engine was installed but never started. We got it running and repaired the clutch and brakes so that it now moves under its own power. The owner is thrilled to see it drive back and forth in the work bay. Next we'll tackle some wiring issues.


December 2013


A finished restoration project. Our test drive route is along the nearby ocean road.


October 2013

Essex Super Six Essex Marvel Carb
1931 Essex Super Six is in the shop for some maintenance work. Check out the vacuum-operated fuel pump with gravity feed to a Marvel carb.

XKE engine
In the midst of removing an E-Type powertrain to rebuild the transmission.

TR6 restore MGB exhaust
The wheels are painted and back on the TR-6 we've been we've been restoring since it came back from the paint shop a few weeks ago. It's got a new wiring harness and new interior. The engine and rebuilt tranny are installed and the lights, rechromed bumpers and windscreen are back in place. Just a few more bits and connections and its owner will be cruisin' in style.
A nice MGB and its shiny new exhaust.

Humer Super Snipe

This 1953 Humber Super Snipe convertible is here for a new top, a fresh coat of paint, a new interior and more. It's owner says this was one of six that were shipped to various places in Europe for Queen Elizabeth to use on a European tour.



Midget Morgan
The Midget is getting a new clutch. While the engine is out we're spiffing up the engine bay. The Morgan came in with overheating problems. One major block flushing and a recored radiator later, it's ready for some fun driving.

Singer Singer brake
This 1951 Singer is getting new wheel cylinders and brake linings. A special riveting machine attaches the new lining to the shoe.


July 2013

Healey tranny T-series coil

This nice Healey lost its second-gear synchro. The rebuilt unit is installed and ready to test drive. This MG T-series coil overheated and melted. The guts fell out and burned the wiring harness. A new harness is being installed


Singer 4AD Alpine

The owner of this 1952 Singer 4AD purchased it for $100 in 1964. It, along with the 1966 Sunbeam ALpine, the 1962 MGA and the 1953 MG TD are all excellent drivers receiving upgrades and minor repairs.



May 2013

Houseful of Healeys.

1954 100M

This immaculately restored 1954 100-4 is a multiple show winner. It's just getting some seasonal maintenance at this visit to the shop.

AH 3000 100M

100-4 MG TD

Also in the shop today we have a blue 1967 getting a check overall to start its driving season, a white 1956 100M getting a new muffler and a 1954 100-4 in the midst of a restoration. It just arrived back from the body shop with its interior and underhood freshly painted. We'll reinstall the engine and as many other bits and pieces as we can before it goes back to have the body painted.
Also in the midst of restoration is a 1953 MG TD. All the wood is in and we're attaching the fenders and doors.

Updated 3/13

Land Rover

We towed this Land Rover out of a field. We freed the stuck engine, got the mice nests out of the carbs and got it running. We're currently replacing the clutch hydraulics so it can move on its own. Next up will be the brakes, so it can stop on its own.

worn cam worn cam

So, an MGB came into the shop to replace its oil pump. We found a lot of metal shavings when we removed the oil pan. They came mostly from the camshaft. The lobe in the center, above left, is practiclly worn away. The lobe in the center, above right, is not much better. For comparison, the lobe at the top, above right, shows a normal shape. With new cam, bearings and pistons, the rebuilt engine, below, is ready to be run in on our test stand and reinstalled.



MG Midget axle

This owner of this Midget wanted a rebuilt transmission installed to cure a gear grinding problem and a new clutch so the car would not just sit there and rev up, but acutally move. Turns out it wasn't a burnt out clutch but a broken rear axle.



This beautifully restored MGC GTcame into the shop to be sold. A week later, it had. It's getting a tune up before it goes to it's new home.


You can also take a look at some of the projects we've completed.