History of this 1965 TR4

A good customer of ours with several British cars from Miami had one of his kids decide to come to college up in New England. He and his wife found themselves visiting quite often and being a car nut, stumbled across a 1965 Triumph TR4 in (yes) a barn here in New Hampshire during the summer of 2013. A little dickering, a day of tinkering and he was off driving. The car didn’t need much but he brought it in to us with some upgrades in mind. Someone had painted the exterior of the car White but had left the engine bay and trunk the original Red but overall in good enough condition to enjoy the car.

We converted the car from steel wheels to chrome wire wheels using standard adapters along with new tires, replaced the fender mirrors and fuse box. Installing a new Sunfast Canvas Tan top finished up our work.

The owner used the car for the year but in 2014 he brought the car back in and said “I don’t like the White, I want to put the car back to original color” We then stripped the car completely, removed the fenders and sent it out to have all the rust removed, new metal welded in and repainted. Getting the car back all fresh and new, we re-assembled the car, including installing the original worn interior. Mechanically the car has always been wonderful and the owner used the car for another season. After his son graduated from college the owner seriously though about bringing the car home to Florida but realized he didn’t have a space to keep it and that he wouldn’t use it much and so decided to offer it up to a new owner.

The car has been thoroughly sorted out, is a fantastic driver and needs a new home! Make us an offer!