Lift Day Event

By Norman Michaels

Lift Day at Brit Bits was and up and up success.

Nineteen cars ranging from a Metropolitan and several MGs to a couple of big Jaguar sedans went up on the lifts. Their owners and bystanders waiting for their turn got to point and schmooze and look and learn about the cars from top to bottom, an oil leak here, a poorly adjusted carburetor there.

We performed minor maintenance and adjustments, from checking fluids and replacing a broken muffler clamp up to an alignment to cure a wandering MGB.

I was especially pleased that several club members were among the attendees. One arrived on a flatbed. It had stopped running as he drove it here. We diagnosed and repaired a broken ignition wire so he was able to drive it home.

We had one fellow from a British car club in Baltimore stop by. He was vacationing in the Seacoast and just happened to drive by and see our shop. He stayed all day, getting his British car fix. We’re all now invited to his club’s big event, Baltimore On The Rocks.

You know it’s a successful and well attended event when all the coffee is consumed and all the donuts eaten.